Tournament Results

Wales Republic of Ireland England Scotland Northern Ireland NIBU TotalRank
Wales Wales10.8611.8618.2115.3715.3771.67 1
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland9.1417.3111.6714.2418.9771.33 2
England England8.142.6911.8616.5718.4557.71 3
Scotland Scotland1.798.338.1414.248.7341.23 4
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland4.635.763.435.7616.3535.93 5
NIBU NIBU4.631.031.5511.273.6522.13 6

Cross IMP Tables

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Match Results

VuGraph hand records will be linked from the Schedule page when available.

Home TeamHome IMPsAway TeamAway IMPsVP Result
NIBU NIBU29Northern Ireland Northern Ireland683.65 - 16.35
Wales Wales64England England5511.86 - 8.14
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland77Scotland Scotland6911.67 - 8.33
Scotland Scotland44Wales Wales1021.79 - 18.21
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland111NIBU NIBU4318.97 - 1.03
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland45England England863.43 - 16.57
England England94Scotland Scotland8511.86 - 8.14
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland67Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland905.76 - 14.24
Wales Wales90NIBU NIBU5915.37 - 4.63
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland57Wales Wales619.14 - 10.86
Scotland Scotland40Northern Ireland Northern Ireland1714.24 - 5.76
England England94NIBU NIBU3318.45 - 1.55
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland34Wales Wales654.63 - 15.37
England England60Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland1082.69 - 17.31
NIBU NIBU87Scotland Scotland8111.27 - 8.73


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